Thursday, May 22, 2008

Ultralight, steady tripods for hiking and travel

When I began using a new “lightweight” tripod in the late ’90s, I was relieved that it weighed just 81⁄2 pounds—five for the tripod and the rest for the head. It certainly seemed light because it was just half the weight of my first solid tripod, a 17-pound brute.

If you do a fair amount of hiking, backpacking or traveling, 81⁄2 pounds is still too much. Today, there are truly lightweight alternatives.

Unlike the tripods I used years ago, you can find a stable tripod tipping the scales at just over three pounds, with solid, but lightweight heads to go with them.

You can use the weight savings for lenses, a tent, some extra clothes—or just to lighten your load and make life easier....Full Article Here

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