Sunday, June 21, 2009

People Photography by Craig Ferguson

More often than not, it’s the people you meet that make travel truly memorable. It’s also the photographs of people that usually get the best reaction from family and friends when you return home. So without further ado –

10 tips for better people photography.

Lens Repair Data 3.0 from Lens Rentals

It has become our practice to publish our lens repair data every 6 months.

We started it at the request of some customers who felt the large number of lenses we deal with and the harsh conditions they are subjected to provided an opportunity to get some factual data about which lenses hold up the best and which are more fragile.

...Check out Here

How to Photograph Baseball

Today Pro Photographer Jim Bryant shares a comprehensive set of tips in a tutorial on how to photograph Baseball.

Lens reviews from Photography

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How To Sell Stock Photos - Part 1

This article is the first part of a 2 part series in which you will learn about the basics of stock photography, the license types, what to submit and how to make money off stock photography.

Check out.. Part 1 Here

Part 2 Here. They even used one of my pics "Tack Sharp Green" without me even knowing.

Blog from the famous Joe NcNally

Know throughout the Industry.
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