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Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Cheat Sheets

Provided by 20SEVEN

So You want to be a Nikon Pro.!

Nikon Pro Site

Police quiz photographer over nude shots

Police have interviewed photographer Bill Henson about an art exhibition featuring nude shots of teenagers.

The exhibition was to open at the Roslyn Oxley9 gallery in the Sydney suburb of Paddington last night.

The gallery agreed to suspend the exhibition while police conduct interviews.

Police still need to talk to a 13-year-old girl who appears on the invitation for the exhibition.

They also want to speak to her parents, before deciding if the exhibition should go ahead...Full Story Here

Nikon DSLR Specifications - by Thom

A comparison of the specifications of current Nikon DSLR models

Friday, May 30, 2008

Think Tanks Rotation 360 Pack.....Whoa!

Was looking into a bigger option than my Slingshot 200 and saw this.

It's the Rotation 360 and it is the most technical pack I have seen.

To watch video's there is a bug. You have to hit the Stop button first before going on to next video even if you have watched the whole video.

But at $280 it is spendy....See Them Here...Also main catalog of think tank Here

Photodo - Photographic lens specifications, guides, discussion and reviews

Photodo provides news, discussion, in-depth user reviews & ratings on all types of photographic lenses.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

David Chu Photography

David Chu Blog...Here

Back in the Good Ole' Days.!

I read and hear many that complain about a Lens doesn't AutoFocus or I hate changing lens!

Well all I can say is... Wimps!

Here is a blast from the past.

My name is Jani and below are pictures of a part of my presscamera collection. Some of the cameras are still under work. Every now and then I'll add new cameras and pictures of its' repair and restoration process and other interesting information about them. Just click on the pictures below...Check them out Here

Lens Test: Nikon 24-70mm f/2.8G ED AF-S

A serious standard zoom lens for exacting professional Nikon-shooters, it's bright, rugged, and optically flawless.

Surprisingly, this $1,700 (street) lens is Nikon's first constant-aperture optic in the very popular, all-purpose, standard zoom category. Both of the company's previous pro and amateur 24-85mm lenses had variable apertures. If the gold ornamentation on its barrel doesn't tip you off, the price should confirm that this is a professional-caliber lens...Full Look Here

The Photographer’s Right

A Stand for Photographer’s Rights

The right to take photographs in the United States is being challenged more than ever.

People are being stopped, harassed, and even intimidated into handing over their personal property simply because they were taking photographs of subjects that made other people uncomfortable.

Recent examples have included photographing industrial plants, bridges, buildings, trains, and bus stations. For the most part, attempts to restrict photography are based on misguided fears about the supposed dangers that unrestricted photography presents to society...Full Post Here

DIY - Reverse Macro Ring

As everybody knows, macro lens are expensive. Daniel Kyaw has a great way of creating a macro reverse ring for practically nothing.

Reverse rings can be used to shoot macro shot using non-macro lens like 50mm. We can buy original reverse ring from dealer, the price is ranging from 30~40 US$. And normally they do not have stock in hand since this is slow moving stock item.

Well, so I want to share my idea with you to make your own reverse ring from your old/unused accessories which will cost you about 3-4 US$...Full Article - Here

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Another Nikon Rumor Site : Nikon Rumors

Nikon Rumors : "Because it's Good to Know"

SmugMug: Getting Great Pleasing skin tone

First, the bad news:

99% of customer complaints about printing are related to skin tones.

And the subject most likely to make photographers weak in the knees.

Now for the good:

Unlike expressions and poses, which are a matter of taste, there's a simple way to measure skin tones and feel confident they're safely in range...Full Article Here

Sigma APO 70-200mm F2.8 EX DG/HSM

Sigma has announced new addition to its digital optimized DG range of zoom lenses in the form of the APO 70-200mm F2.8 EX DG/HSM. This fast telephoto zoom sports a fixed F2.8 aperture throughout the range, HSM technology for high speed silent focus and four SLD (Special Low Dispersion) glass elements. A new 'digitally optimized' coating is claimed to minimize flare and ghosting when used on a D-SLR, and the lens will be available in Sigma AF, Canon EF, Nikon D, Konica Minolta and Pentax AF mounts...Here

FM Review Here

Nikon D70 test chart...Check those focus issues

Although this test was originally devised in response to the back focus issue that manifest in some Nikon D70 cameras, it can be used to check any camera...Full HowTo Here

Lightroom : Capture sharpening for a sharp start

Capture sharpening is all about adding sufficient sharpening to a photograph in order to correct for the inherent lack of sharpness that most digital images suffer from to a greater or lesser extent. If you shoot using raw mode, then your photographs will arrive untreated in Lightroom and they will most definitely need some degree of sharpening. If the photos you import have originated from a digital camera shot using the JPEG mode, then they will already have been sharpened in-camera. The Detail panel sharpening controls in Lightroom are therefore intended for use with photographs that are raw originals or non-raw files that have not been sharpened yet.

..Full Tutorial Here

Nikon Imaging Service Status Check

A Quick Link to check on your Nikon when it is being serviced.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

"Flickr Funny Pic of the Day" - Easter2008

Easter2008 (33 of 33), originally uploaded by kdeckels.

“Does my butt look big in this?”

What Should I Wear in my portrait?

This is a question I get asked a lot by clients - so I thought it might be something that was worth some exploration in a tutorial.

The clothes a person wears in a portrait can have a big impact upon the end result of your image. When talking to a subject about what to wear I generally ask them to bring a few different outfits so that we can have a little variety to work with...Full Tutorial Here

Manual Focus Lenses Resource

Visit it Here

Photographer's moment of madness as he leaps across 8ft gap in the Grand Canyon

This is the heart-stopping moment a daring photographer leapt between two rocky outcrops over the Grand Canyon - with drop of nearly a mile beneath him.

A crowd of onlookers gasped in horror as the man - who was wearing flimsy flip-flops - risked his life to capture a stunning shot of the Arizona sunset...Full Story and more Pics Here

Friday, May 23, 2008

Freeware Must have for the Photographer

Opanda IExif is a professional Exif viewer in Windows / IE / Firefox, From a photographer's eye, It displays the image taken from digital camera and every item of EXIF data in the image from beginning to end...Get it Here

It allows right-click access from explorer or Firefox to extract exif if it is there. In flickr just go to largest size available and right click to get exif. (Note not all pics retain exif info)

DIY - Pocket Camera Tripod

The following article will demonstrate how to build a useful tripod that's easy to make and fits in your pocket.

It uses stiff wire wrapped in electrical tape as legs, and taped to a bolt. You can make lots of those, and give some to your friends.

The best thing about this tripod is its wrapping capabilities. It does not need to be placed on a leveled surface. Instead, it can be hooked to almost anything - a pipe, a fence - if it's wrapable, you're game...Full HowTo...Here

Strange Cameras You Don't See Everyday

Who knew they actually made a 160-megapixel camera? Find
that and more in this strange list. Which ones are your favorites?.
...Full Article..Here

Thom Hogan's Complete Guide to the Nikon D40 and D40x

This eBook helps you master the use of the Nikon D40 or D40x digital SLR, with a complete description of all the camera features, plus lots of useful tips and background information. This is the work that should have been the manual!

This eBook is a must-read for any D40 or D40x user, with over 600 pages of information about everything about how SLRs work, to how to use the camera and the software that accompanies it. This eBook is supplied on CD-ROM for $29.95 plus shipping and handling, and can only be purchased from this site....Get it Here

Nikon Capture NX Tips and Tricks

Do you want to master your Capture NX? Nikon has recently published 20 downloadable tips and tricks documents for its Capture NX editing software. The documents are easy step by step guides which will allow you to get more from your software. All tutorial documents are provided in .pdf format...Download them...Here

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OMG! a Gold Mine I Say! and he said Share

In Search off...!!! Pro User says:

This is from my two years collections related to Photography. If it's too much to be posted here, admins can reduce/delete it :D. It is exported from my Bookmarks in Firefox


Digital Photography Composition Tips
Nature Photography Instruction - Composition
On-Line helper for testing photo for Golden Section (Rule of Thirds, Golden Mean, Golden Ratio, Golden Spiral, Golden Proportio
Photo Composition
Photography Composition Articles Beginner's Guide To Nature Photography, composition.
Basic Strategies in Reading Photographs
Composition (visual arts) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
A Non Threatening Way to Critique Artwork
The Basics of Composition: Rules or No Rules - That is the Question
Elements of art - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Aesthetics - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Johannes_Vloothuis: Landscape Composition Rules (13 of 23)
Television Production: Elements of Composition: Part I
Composition: What Do You Want To Say? - Photo Tips @ Earthbound Light

For Reading

Aesthetics of Photography Alex Yu
Clarkvision Film versus Digital Summary
David M. Bernstein Fine Art Photography, Aesthetic Realism Associate
Dienes & Dienes --- Aesthetic Realism - Photography - Poetry
Jeff Curto’s Camera Position
Len Bernstein Photographic Education Based on the Aesthetic Realism of Eli Siegel
LensWork Publishing Home Page
Vivid Light Photography Online
What Does a Person Deserve The Answer Found in a Great Photograph
WetCanvas: Feature Article Index
Geometry & Art : Lines
Sanford & A Lifetime of Color: Study Art
ShortCourses-How Your Meter Works


Contrast (vision) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Photography - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Visual perception - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Color - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Brightness - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Field of view - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Visual arts - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Lens (optics) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Luminance - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Aesthetics 1
The Eye and the Camera
Image Retouching
Photography - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Color temperature - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Visualizing Photographs

Large Format Forum: Preconceived photographs -
Visualizing Projects Photo-Realistically, article about photorealistic imagery for architectural rendering.
Mark Raymond Mason Fine Art Photography - Photography Tutorials
Photographic Composition
Art of Seeing

Using Your Digital Camera-Contents


Times Journal of Photography

Photographers sites

BetterPhoto Premium BetterPholio™ Banhup Teh
Home Page of Photographer Stephen Johnson
John Shaw Photography
Leigh Perry Photography - Home
Moose Peterson's Wildlife Research Photography
Scott Kelby


Marc Adamus Photography
Photography of Jeff T. Alu
Galeries de Bretagne, Normandie, Corse, Val de Loire ...
Denis Olivier - Photography
William Neill Photography
Mitch Dobrowner Photography
Mitch Dobrowner Photography
Roman Loranc - Black and White Photographer
Ryuijie - The Official Website - Ryuijie Photography

Bill Schwab Photographs - Fine Art Photographic Prints
Rolfe Horn Photography
Rolfe Horn Photography
Los Angeles Photographers - Mark Robert Halper, Commercial Photographer- in LA and Orange County, California
Exhibits of the Angkor Photography Festival
Nature Lyrics - Ganesh H Shankar's Nature Photography


Canon EF lens mount - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Digital Photography School — Digital Photography Tips for You Photography and Studio Lighting - Do It Yourself
Library of Photography. A Photography Resource Site.
Photo Friday Monitor Calibration Tool
Photography Equipment - Photography Tips - Photography Technique
Scott Kelby Books Digital Photography Gear Guide
Welcome to Drishti School of Photography
Merklinger's Photo Books
Monitor Calibration


Bill Huber's Photo Galleries at
Composition and the Elements of Visual Design
Daystar Exposure Metering, Page 2
Exposure strategies for digital cameras with manual exposure controls
KODAKBeginnings of Photographic Composition
Lexar Digital Photography Tips and Lessons
New York Institute of Photography - Tips for Better Pictures
Photographic Chemistry
Photography (Basic)
Photography Composition Articles Library
PhotoMonitor - Utilities and Resources
Student Curriculum in Photography - SCPHOTO

A complete guide to digital cameras, digital photography, and digital video
Articles by Guy Tal
Bangalore School Of Photography
Composition A Look at Color - Photo Tips @ Earthbound Light
Dan Heller's Photography Business Series Photography Business Topics
Darwin Wiggett - Wildlife
Definitions of Depth of Field
Depth of field
Depth of Field Optical Glossary Learn Digital Photography Review
Digital and Traditional Photography Techniques, Tips, Advice - ePHOTOzine
Digital Photography Tutorials - Photoxels
Digital Power Shot
Exif Jpeg header parser and thumbnail remover
Exposure Explained - Shutter, Aperture and Film
Eyemage Contest
Film Speed and Digital Camera ISO Settings - Photo Tip - ACD Systems Digital Imaging Community Focus on Photography Focus on Photography Getting Ready
Fondation Henri Cartier-Bresson
Free Photography How-To Guides and Tutorials at
Getting De-Programmed Learning About Manual Exposure - Photo Tips @ Earthbound Light
Hand Book of Copyright Law
Howstuffworks How Autofocus Cameras Work
Howstuffworks How Camera Flashes Work
Howstuffworks How Digital Cameras Work
Howstuffworks How Photographic Film Works
Item 27319619 - Kodak DX6490 (4Megapixel plus 10X Optical Zoom) Digital Camera
Item 27343018 - Canon Digital Rebel EOS 300D - 6.3 Megapixel - Digital SLR Camera
Jesse Speer Photography Colorado photos featuring Colorado photographs, Colorado prints, national park photos and other na
KurtTeej Photography - Advanced Photography
Learn Photography
Learn Photography - JohnHarvey
Lighting Tutorials
National Geographic Photography FAQs
Nature Photography Instruction
Nature Photography Instruction - main page
NikonNet - Learn
Online Photography Classes, Photo Classes, Photo Courses, Online Photography Courses, Online Photo Classes
Online Photography Course Online Photo Workshops
Photographic Lighting
Photographing Waterfalls Photography Guides
Photography Pictures, Wallpapers, Postcards, More From National Geographic
Photography Tutorial - Composition
Photography Tutorials and Discussion - Homepage
Selective Desaturation Within the Basic Editing Rules - Tutorials
Sharpening Blurry Scans
Speak Out Image Contest
Stuffo How Cameras Work
Tips for Night and Low Light Photography
User-Written Tutorials on DPChallenge
Venice School of Photography
Visual arts - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Welcome to Fotowide Photography Magazine
What Is... Aperture - Digital Photography Tutorial - Photoxels
Youth Photographic Society Bangalore


RGB World - Understanding Color
Color Theory: a brief tutorial

Fungus issues

Canon EOS Forum: Fungus on CMOS sensor, please -
Canon EOS Forum: Fungus on CMOS sensor, please -
Canon EOS Forum: Dust in sensor : please help -
Canon EOS Forum: How to keep fungus away? -
Digital Cameras, Including Point & Shoot and Shopping Forum: fungus and DSLRs - anyone yet? - Info: Keeping cameras dry in Japan
Canon EOS Forum: Problem solved, or is it? -
LifePixel - Canon Rebel XT (350d) digital infrared conversion tutorial


Lighting Ratios for Portrait Photography »
Broad Lighting - Studio Lighting Setup »

Food Photography

Still Life With... (Food Styling and Photography) » Lighting Positioning: Shooting in the Kitchen
Hungry Yet? How Lighting Can Enhance the Appearance of Food - Lighting |
Food Photography Portfolio : Food Photography Blog : Food Photography Articles

Portrait Photography

Studio Lighting Techniques
Portrait Lighting Technique by Steven Lott
Portrait Photography -
Lighting and Portrait Questions & Answers

Shutterbug: Still Life Photography
Fine Art Photography - Masters of Fine Art Photography
YouTube - Studio Lighting part 4 of 8
Digital Grin Photography Forum - Powered by vBulletin

Todd Johnson's D40 Blog

Todd Johnson's D40 Blog is based on his Personal Journey in Photography...Here

Ultralight, steady tripods for hiking and travel

When I began using a new “lightweight” tripod in the late ’90s, I was relieved that it weighed just 81⁄2 pounds—five for the tripod and the rest for the head. It certainly seemed light because it was just half the weight of my first solid tripod, a 17-pound brute.

If you do a fair amount of hiking, backpacking or traveling, 81⁄2 pounds is still too much. Today, there are truly lightweight alternatives.

Unlike the tripods I used years ago, you can find a stable tripod tipping the scales at just over three pounds, with solid, but lightweight heads to go with them.

You can use the weight savings for lenses, a tent, some extra clothes—or just to lighten your load and make life easier....Full Article Here

He Took a Polaroid Every Day, Until Day He Died

Yesterday I came across a slightly mysterious website — a collection of Polaroids, one per day, from March 31, 1979 through October 25, 1997.

There’s no author listed, no contact info, and no other indication as to where these came from. So, naturally, I started looking through the photos. I was stunned by what I found....Full Story Here

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

3D photography

The Digital Photography School blog has posted up a great article on taking and viewing 3D photography. The technique isn't dissimilar to the 'magic eye' pictures which were all the rage in the 90's.

Take a look and see if you can see the 3D effect and maybe take your own!

Nikkor - From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Nikkor is the brand of lenses produced by Nikon Corporation, including camera lenses for the Nikon F-mount.

The Nikkor brand was introduced by Nippon Kogaku K.K. (Nikon's original corporate name) in 1932. Nikon originally reserved the Nikkor designation for its highest-quality imaging optics, but in recent history almost all Nikon lenses are so branded.

Notable Nikkor branded optics have included:

Tamron SP AF200-500MM F/5-6.3 Di LD (IF) Review

The Tamron SP AF200-500MM F/5-6.3 Di LD (IF) is one of Tamron's new "Di" lenses. These are lenses designed with digital SLRs in mind. This is what Tamron says about their DI lenses....Review Here

Nikon D40 Links - The Giant List

I've been collecting hundreds of links to interesting Nikon D40 images, user reviews, tips and tricks that have been posted to forums.

Yes, literally hundreds, and this little activity of mine started in November 2006 when Nikon announced the camera (read the D40 press release at

Anyway, it's time to clean up my hard drive a bit, so here's a dump of all my D40 bookmarks for your perusal - I recommend that you set aside a few hours of your time to go through all of them. I hope you'll get to know the Nikon D40 a little better at the end of it.

Head over to The Nikon D40 Resource List for more specific links to and information on the D40 and lenses...Find them Here

Photographer speared by javelin at meet

PROVO, Utah (AP) - A newspaper photographer got a little too close to the action at the state high school track championships — and was speared through the leg by a javelin...Full Story Here

Monday, May 19, 2008

Nature Photography 101 Index

Photographic Technique

The Lowly Lens Hood by Rod Barbee

Leveling and Sharpening a Reflection Image by Bob Steele

Perch Improvement by Bob Steele. A simple way to improve your bird photos.

Backyard Bird Photography by Garth McElroy

Photoshop Keyboard Shortcuts by Michael Gordon

10 Practical uses for the Depth of Field Preview Button by Rod Barbee

Camera Equipment Reviews Read what NPN members have to say about the photo gear they use.

Exposure and Metering

Controlling Background with a Combination of Exposure and Flash by Bob Steele.

Shoot it RAW by Nick Rains. An explanation of digital-capture RAW files and the benefits of working with them.

Exposure - From One Beginner to Another by Nathan Buck. A look at some fundamentals


Flickr: Add referrer into comments 1.0

An annoying thing on flickr is that you never know where people that visit your photo have found it.

7 August 2006, by Mortimer

This is a small script that will add a small text at the end of your comment saying where you come from.

If everyone starts using this script, then it will be easy to see where the people have found your photos and how they got to comment on it.

You can discuss this tool on Flickr Hacks original discussion.

Compatible with Firefox,IE,Safari,Opera find out more Here

Camera Bags,Camera Bags, more Camera Bags!

link summited by basegrinder

Make a shoulder strap for your tripod

This idea was inspired by my Mother; I was lugging my tripod around Southend, and she asked why I didn't have some kind of handle for it. She thought I might somehow be able to attach a strap from a bag to it. So I came up with this. Thanks Mum :)...Full HowTo Here

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Blog Counter I was using Bit the Dust....!!!

Luckily I check count daily and was able to transfer count 62,395 since Dec. 17,2207 over to new counter. So the View Stats will be way off since starting fresh with only the original count to start with.

Yesterday was the 5th month since beginning with passing 62,000. So even subtracting 2,000 for any posting count etc... that is 60,000 in 5 months with a 12,000 hits per month!

Thanks all and hope the Blog Has been Useful to you.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

D40 "Blog of the Week" - SweetPea

See her Blog Here

Almost Arrested Taking Photos at Union Station

As some of you may know, I've been testing out a Gigapan panorama photo system over the last week, after I received a loaner of their robotic camera mount from Carnegie Mellon's robotics lab.

I brought it in to NPR to demonstrate it to colleagues and go on a photo safari to photograph the architecture at Union Station.

Apparently, as far as Union Station's security operations are concerned, that's a criminal offense, since we nearly got arrested...Full Story Here

Lens Test: Sigma 30mm f/1.4 EX DC HSM AF

Few lenses made for the digital arena can deliver the creamy defocused backgrounds that are possible with this f/1.4..

Sunny Weather is Here Time for "Understanding Polarizers"

Care, Feeding & Proper Use

There are few more important things that a nature photographer can do to improve his or her photography than becoming familiar with the use of the polarizing filter.

What can a polarizing filter do for you? Among other things it can darken the sky, remove reflections from water, and make foliage appear less shiny. Colour saturation is also significantly enhanced.

It is the only filter for use with colour film that can do all of this...Full Article Here

Friday, May 16, 2008

D40 "Photostream of the Week" - mullenite's

See his stream...Here

Tamron 28-300mm VC for Nikon

As well as adding motors to its existing lenses, Tamron has also started building motors into its new Nikon-compatible lenses. The 28-300mm f/3.5-6.3 VC lens offers a 10.7x zoom range with the company's proprietary optical stabilization system. DX-format users get fields of view equivalent to 43-465mm (in FX terms)....Full specs Here

Saving money while using legendary lenses

For those wishing to save a little money by purchasing used Nikkor lenses, this is a great time to buy. It's especially true for those preferring to use Nikon Manual Focus (MF) 35mm bodies.

The introduction of newer Autofocus (AF) designs has driven down the price of their predecessors, creating remarkable value in some cases. Even those using AF bodies can find some great bargains out there in lenses that are one or two generations back.

Here are some thoughts on what I perceive to be some of the better values out there right now. These are all lenses that I have some personal experience with, so it's not just an academic discussion.

If a lens is absent from the list, it doesn't mean it isn't good; it just means that its cost to performance ratio isn't quite as good (or it means I forgot to include it)...Article...Here