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OMG! a Gold Mine I Say! and he said Share

In Search off...!!! Pro User says:

This is from my two years collections related to Photography. If it's too much to be posted here, admins can reduce/delete it :D. It is exported from my Bookmarks in Firefox


Digital Photography Composition Tips
Nature Photography Instruction - Composition
On-Line helper for testing photo for Golden Section (Rule of Thirds, Golden Mean, Golden Ratio, Golden Spiral, Golden Proportio
Photo Composition
Photography Composition Articles Beginner's Guide To Nature Photography, composition.
Basic Strategies in Reading Photographs
Composition (visual arts) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
A Non Threatening Way to Critique Artwork
The Basics of Composition: Rules or No Rules - That is the Question
Elements of art - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Aesthetics - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Johannes_Vloothuis: Landscape Composition Rules (13 of 23)
Television Production: Elements of Composition: Part I
Composition: What Do You Want To Say? - Photo Tips @ Earthbound Light

For Reading

Aesthetics of Photography Alex Yu
Clarkvision Film versus Digital Summary
David M. Bernstein Fine Art Photography, Aesthetic Realism Associate
Dienes & Dienes --- Aesthetic Realism - Photography - Poetry
Jeff Curto’s Camera Position
Len Bernstein Photographic Education Based on the Aesthetic Realism of Eli Siegel
LensWork Publishing Home Page
Vivid Light Photography Online
What Does a Person Deserve The Answer Found in a Great Photograph
WetCanvas: Feature Article Index
Geometry & Art : Lines
Sanford & A Lifetime of Color: Study Art
ShortCourses-How Your Meter Works


Contrast (vision) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Photography - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Visual perception - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Color - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Brightness - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Field of view - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Visual arts - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Lens (optics) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Luminance - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Aesthetics 1
The Eye and the Camera
Image Retouching
Photography - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Color temperature - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Visualizing Photographs

Large Format Forum: Preconceived photographs -
Visualizing Projects Photo-Realistically, article about photorealistic imagery for architectural rendering.
Mark Raymond Mason Fine Art Photography - Photography Tutorials
Photographic Composition
Art of Seeing

Using Your Digital Camera-Contents


Times Journal of Photography

Photographers sites

BetterPhoto Premium BetterPholio™ Banhup Teh
Home Page of Photographer Stephen Johnson
John Shaw Photography
Leigh Perry Photography - Home
Moose Peterson's Wildlife Research Photography
Scott Kelby


Marc Adamus Photography
Photography of Jeff T. Alu
Galeries de Bretagne, Normandie, Corse, Val de Loire ...
Denis Olivier - Photography
William Neill Photography
Mitch Dobrowner Photography
Mitch Dobrowner Photography
Roman Loranc - Black and White Photographer
Ryuijie - The Official Website - Ryuijie Photography

Bill Schwab Photographs - Fine Art Photographic Prints
Rolfe Horn Photography
Rolfe Horn Photography
Los Angeles Photographers - Mark Robert Halper, Commercial Photographer- in LA and Orange County, California
Exhibits of the Angkor Photography Festival
Nature Lyrics - Ganesh H Shankar's Nature Photography


Canon EF lens mount - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Digital Photography School — Digital Photography Tips for You Photography and Studio Lighting - Do It Yourself
Library of Photography. A Photography Resource Site.
Photo Friday Monitor Calibration Tool
Photography Equipment - Photography Tips - Photography Technique
Scott Kelby Books Digital Photography Gear Guide
Welcome to Drishti School of Photography
Merklinger's Photo Books
Monitor Calibration


Bill Huber's Photo Galleries at
Composition and the Elements of Visual Design
Daystar Exposure Metering, Page 2
Exposure strategies for digital cameras with manual exposure controls
KODAKBeginnings of Photographic Composition
Lexar Digital Photography Tips and Lessons
New York Institute of Photography - Tips for Better Pictures
Photographic Chemistry
Photography (Basic)
Photography Composition Articles Library
PhotoMonitor - Utilities and Resources
Student Curriculum in Photography - SCPHOTO

A complete guide to digital cameras, digital photography, and digital video
Articles by Guy Tal
Bangalore School Of Photography
Composition A Look at Color - Photo Tips @ Earthbound Light
Dan Heller's Photography Business Series Photography Business Topics
Darwin Wiggett - Wildlife
Definitions of Depth of Field
Depth of field
Depth of Field Optical Glossary Learn Digital Photography Review
Digital and Traditional Photography Techniques, Tips, Advice - ePHOTOzine
Digital Photography Tutorials - Photoxels
Digital Power Shot
Exif Jpeg header parser and thumbnail remover
Exposure Explained - Shutter, Aperture and Film
Eyemage Contest
Film Speed and Digital Camera ISO Settings - Photo Tip - ACD Systems Digital Imaging Community Focus on Photography Focus on Photography Getting Ready
Fondation Henri Cartier-Bresson
Free Photography How-To Guides and Tutorials at
Getting De-Programmed Learning About Manual Exposure - Photo Tips @ Earthbound Light
Hand Book of Copyright Law
Howstuffworks How Autofocus Cameras Work
Howstuffworks How Camera Flashes Work
Howstuffworks How Digital Cameras Work
Howstuffworks How Photographic Film Works
Item 27319619 - Kodak DX6490 (4Megapixel plus 10X Optical Zoom) Digital Camera
Item 27343018 - Canon Digital Rebel EOS 300D - 6.3 Megapixel - Digital SLR Camera
Jesse Speer Photography Colorado photos featuring Colorado photographs, Colorado prints, national park photos and other na
KurtTeej Photography - Advanced Photography
Learn Photography
Learn Photography - JohnHarvey
Lighting Tutorials
National Geographic Photography FAQs
Nature Photography Instruction
Nature Photography Instruction - main page
NikonNet - Learn
Online Photography Classes, Photo Classes, Photo Courses, Online Photography Courses, Online Photo Classes
Online Photography Course Online Photo Workshops
Photographic Lighting
Photographing Waterfalls Photography Guides
Photography Pictures, Wallpapers, Postcards, More From National Geographic
Photography Tutorial - Composition
Photography Tutorials and Discussion - Homepage
Selective Desaturation Within the Basic Editing Rules - Tutorials
Sharpening Blurry Scans
Speak Out Image Contest
Stuffo How Cameras Work
Tips for Night and Low Light Photography
User-Written Tutorials on DPChallenge
Venice School of Photography
Visual arts - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Welcome to Fotowide Photography Magazine
What Is... Aperture - Digital Photography Tutorial - Photoxels
Youth Photographic Society Bangalore


RGB World - Understanding Color
Color Theory: a brief tutorial

Fungus issues

Canon EOS Forum: Fungus on CMOS sensor, please -
Canon EOS Forum: Fungus on CMOS sensor, please -
Canon EOS Forum: Dust in sensor : please help -
Canon EOS Forum: How to keep fungus away? -
Digital Cameras, Including Point & Shoot and Shopping Forum: fungus and DSLRs - anyone yet? - Info: Keeping cameras dry in Japan
Canon EOS Forum: Problem solved, or is it? -
LifePixel - Canon Rebel XT (350d) digital infrared conversion tutorial


Lighting Ratios for Portrait Photography »
Broad Lighting - Studio Lighting Setup »

Food Photography

Still Life With... (Food Styling and Photography) » Lighting Positioning: Shooting in the Kitchen
Hungry Yet? How Lighting Can Enhance the Appearance of Food - Lighting |
Food Photography Portfolio : Food Photography Blog : Food Photography Articles

Portrait Photography

Studio Lighting Techniques
Portrait Lighting Technique by Steven Lott
Portrait Photography -
Lighting and Portrait Questions & Answers

Shutterbug: Still Life Photography
Fine Art Photography - Masters of Fine Art Photography
YouTube - Studio Lighting part 4 of 8
Digital Grin Photography Forum - Powered by vBulletin


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That is quite a list that you have created. It will take me quite some time to get through those. Thanks for the resource!

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Wow! That's an amazing list. Is there a way that we could download the entire list?