Friday, February 29, 2008

Olaf Blecker

Olaf Blecker

Written by T.K. Dalton
Edited by Jesi Khadivi

Olaf Blecker has antennae, but don’t think that makes him special. “I think everybody has these antennas. In German you would say, menschdenken, which is the knowledge of man.”

He uses his powers to take breathtaking portraits for commercial shoots for AOL and Sony, among others. His editorial work has appeared in The New York Times Magazine, Details and Wired.

Countless actors and models have found themselves opposite his lens.

Full Article Here

"Flickr Funny Pic of the Day" - Smile :))

Smile :)), originally uploaded by Algernon De Jesus.

Photowalking Event in Portland,Or. - Tomorrow

Original link..Here

Hope to be attending to put the BlackRapid RS-2 strap thru it's paces tomorrow.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

"Flickr Funny Pic of the Day" - by Tyrell

What is new in Camera Raw 4.1

Read about it Here

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

"Flickr Funny Pic of the Day" by stevelewalready

2nd Annual Photograhy Master Cup

See the Great Entries Here

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

"Flickr Funny Pic of the Day" - by gooder

Carrot in yer nose!, originally uploaded by gooder.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Sunday, February 24, 2008

"Photostream of the Week" - alonsodr's

See his stream...Here

"Flickr Funny Pic of the Day" by trgabucan2007

Hey, get off my back!, originally uploaded by trgabucan2007.

Friday, February 22, 2008

New Lenses for 2008 from PopPhoto

Now that you've got that new DSLR, how about some glass to go with it? Here's a quick roundup of the latest zooms and primes hitting store shelves.

February 2008...Read about - Here

Lens Special: Behind the Glass from PopPhoto

Have a question about today's best lenses? Here are all the answers you need.

February 2008...Read it - Here

"Flickr Funny Pic of the Day" - by daisybaxter

Yummy Water!, originally uploaded by daisybaxter.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

"Flickr Funny Pic of the Day" - by sirbrett84

Airport Security ftw!, originally uploaded by sirbrett84.

Airport Security fix just click on Balloon. And it didn't cost Billions of Dollars!

30 Photos That Inspired Me to Learn Photography

Being a graphic designer has made me fall in love with all things creative, including photography. In a previous article I mentioned the importance of building a strong foundation in one career first, such as graphic design and then branching out into other skills sets. One important area I have started to branch out into is photography. I spend a lot of time looking at photography portfolios and below you will find some of my favorite photos....Here

"Flickr Funny Pic of the Day" - by sweetgoose

Adobe Lightroom

Great place to read about everything Lightroom Here

the Adobe Lightroom group icon Adobe Lightroom Group

the Lightroom Presets "Wonderland" group icon Lightroom Presets "Wonderland"

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

"Flickr Funny Pic of the Day" by amesis

, originally uploaded by amesis.

Funny Commercial Advertising Photos

See More Funny Ads....Here

Monday, February 18, 2008

"Flickr Funny Pic of the Day" - by CreeIGA

What is she doing now?, originally uploaded by CreelGA.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

"Flickr Funny Pic of the Day" - Olympics Underfunded

Sony World Photography Awards

The Competition

Throughout the five days and evenings, a series of events will take place amongst over 300 diverse photographs on exhibit, all derived from the three finalists work in each of the 11 professional categories. The exhibition will be open to the public for five days...Full Info - Here

Nikon Lens Serial Numbers

This page lists every Nikon lens version and sub-version I know of. Minor changes to internal mechanics, lens coating, engravings or electronics may not be listed. For each version up to four serial numbers are given: Start <> End. Start and End serial numbers are from Nikon Ai conversion lists, service manuals, catalogues and various books. The Earliest and Latest serial numbers are from lenses I have seen. They help confirm the Start and End numbers or indicate the range where the Start and End numbers are unknown...Full List - Here

Nikkor 50mm 1.8 / Discuss

Depth of Field Chart

view profile

WestLothian Pro User says:

I find this layout useful...Here

Feature: Adobe's Magic Lens Lets You Control Image Depth After the Shot

The "Magic Lens" is Adobe's first foray into the hardware market, and it's definitely no slouch. Comprised of 19 smaller lenses, it shoots the object from multiple angles simultaneously, enabling you to control the image's depth of field using custom software....Video's - Here

Saturday, February 16, 2008

"Flickr Funny Pic of the Day" - Little Jayman

Little Jayman, originally uploaded by Jayman931.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Just Like to Thank You All!

Thanks for your help.
This is the 60th Day since the blog was started.

And we are coming up on 200th post and have had over 20,000 hits.

Again thanks for your help in suggestions,links,etc and the contributions of your images.

"Flickr Funny Pic of the Day" - Shabbir Siraj

On-the-job Entertainment, originally uploaded by Shabbir Siraj.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Blog Break until Fri. 2/15/08

Our New Blog, originally uploaded by orb9220.

Yep got to many things on Plate right now with people needing computer fixes. And setting up some Ubuntu boxes for friends.

May find time to repost some older ones on thurs night otherwise fri evening PST I'll begin posting New stuff.

Sorry if this is an inconvenience.

See Ya soon!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

PhotoME for your meta data needs !

PhotoME is a powerful tool to show and edit the meta data of image files. Thanks to the well organised layout and intuitive handling, it's possible to analyse and modify Exif and IPTC-NAA data as well as analyse ICC profiles - and it's completely FREE!..Get it - Here

"Flickr Funny Pic of the Day" - by Jibbo

spreading the love, originally uploaded by Jibbo.

PhotoCube from Instructables !

See it made...Here

FireFox+Grease Monkey+Flickr what a great combo!


for Flickr. You need to have grease monkey extension installed first...

for installing script just left click link for each here.

I like the [WWW]Flickr Rich Edit: Adds a simple rich edit interface (Bold, Italic, Blockquote, Link) to any comment textarea on flickr


  • [WWW]Flickr Contacts Organiser Lets you organise and sort your contacts via tagging. [WWW]More

  • [WWW]Flickr Groups Organiser Lets you organise and sort your groups via tagging. [WWW]More

  • [WWW]Flickr Multi Group Sender Lets you send your images to multiple groups simultaneously. [WWW]More

  • [WWW]Flickr Image Unblocker. Removes blocking image overlaying photos on the site.

  • [WWW]Flickr: PM This script adds icons that link to email, profile, favourites and photo archive next to usernames in forums and photopages on, for quick and easy access. [WWW]More

  • [WWW]Flickr Stream Browser Enhancer: Makes the Flickr stream/set/pool thumbnail browsers more dynamic. Click on "<>" underneath thumbnails to load the next thumbnail dynamically. [WWW]More Added 2005-06-28

  • [WWW]Flickr User Icon Enhancer: Add links to FlickrMail, view Profile, and view Favorites to the floating pink popup on a user icon. Added 2005-05-29

  • [WWW]Flickr Rich Edit: Adds a simple rich edit interface (Bold, Italic, Blockquote, Link) to any comment textarea on flickr. [WWW]More Added 2005-06-29

  • [WWW]Flickr Login Persistence: For those with multiple Flickr logins in one household. Replaces the login form with a select box with your ID's pre-populated. The user has to edit the script to put their ID's in there before it will work. [WWW]More Updated 2005-05-28

  • [WWW]Flickr: Accessibility Hack: Adds Post Now / Reply Now right after textareas to avoid different number of tabs after composing messages.

  • [WWW]Flickr: Access Keys: Adds navigation through photo pages using "," or ".". Works on single photo pages with prev/next thumbnails and pages with a numeric paginator. Inspired by Google Access Keys.

  • [WWW]Flickr: Find Related Tags while Uploading: View tags related to the ones you choose while uploading images to Flickr. [WWW]more

  • [WWW]Flickr: Photo Page Enhancer: Adds links to different sizes directly to a Flickr photo page, generates html code to easily copy'n paste thumbnail & description, and automatically loads your 20 most used tags when you click "Add Tag." [WWW]more Updated 2005-07-21.

  • [WWW]Flickr: Batch Tagging: Makes adding your most popular tags or new tags to any photo in Flickr's Batch Editor easy. [WWW]more

  • [WWW]Flickr: Titles + Descriptions Batch Tool: Makes batch editing of the titles and descriptions of your images easier. [WWW]more

  • [WWW]Flickr: Rater: Adds a Flickr Rate rating panel, which allows you to rate images that you view on Flickr. [WWW]more

  • [WWW]Flickr: Profile Linker: Links all Flickr users' icons to their profile instead of their photostream.

  • [WWW]Flickr: Quoter: Lets you more easily quote peoples comments in your replies in the Flickr Forums. [WWW]More

  • [WWW]Flickr: Group Tracker: The basic idea of this script is to keep track of threads you've posted in Flickr Forums. [WWW]More

  • [WWW]Flickr: Reset Comments This script adds reset buttons, that get rid of the "new posts messages" that show up even after youve read the new messages. [WWW]more

  • [WWW]Flickr:Mail Manager This script adds 5 new options on your flickr mail page. 1)Mark all as read. 2) Delete all Group Invitations 3)Delete all "You are X's newest contact" mails 4) Delete all read messages 5) Delete all mails [WWW]More

  • [WWW]Flickr:Multi Mailer This script lets you send Flickr Mails to multiple recipients at once. [WWW]More

  • [WWW]Flickr: Mail To- This script that adds a mail icon above photos, and also a "send page" link on every page. Clicking the icon or link lets you email the link to that page via Flickr Mail or regular Email. [WWW]More

  • [WWW]Flickr: GMIF - Google Maps in Flickr This script embeds a google map in flickr photo pages, so you can see where a photo was taken, if it has been geotagged, you can also add geotags via the script. [WWW]More

  • [WWW]Identity Burro When on Flickr page of an user, you can see a link to the page of the same user on and on technorati.

  • [WWW]Flickr: Groups Search via Google This script adds an extra search box, that lets you search flickr groups via Google. [WWW]More

  • [WWW]Flickr: Groups List Sorter This script lets you view your Groups List in alphabetical or numerical order [WWW]More

  • [WWW]Flickr: Publish Your Faves This script needs to be run in conjunction with a specially modified PHP script on your PHP enabled web server. It lets you publish your lists of most interesting/faved/viewed and commented on photos to your website, also lets you publish your list of fave photos by other Flickr users. [WWW]More

  • [WWW]Photobox export to Flickr: Lets you export your images from or photobox associate sites, to your account [WWW]More

  • [WWW] The complete collection of Flickr scripts by Steeev

[WWW]More Flickr related user scripts

Flickr: No longer working/obsolete, but may be useful for code

  • [WWW]Flickr: Lickr: Replaces Flickr's Flash interface with an equivalent browser-based interface. Here's a longer [WWW]explanation.

  • [WWW]Flickr: Degradr: Replaces flickr's flash-embedded images with actual image files. [WWW]more

  • [WWW]Flickr: Sendto Via Radio Replaces the Send To drop down select box with a list of radio buttons [WWW]More

  • [WWW]Flickr: GeoTag Flickr Adds an "Add Geotags" link to photo pages and batch pages, that helps you to add the latitude and longitude coordinate tags, so the image will be searchable by location on the site. (This script needs to be used in conjunction with the [WWW]Geotag Google Maps script [WWW]More

  • [WWW]Flickr: GeoTag Flickr (UK) Adds an "Add Geotags" link to photo pages, that helps you to add the latitude and longitude coordinate tags, so the image will be searchable by location on the site. This version of the script uses to get the coordinate data as that site has better map coverage than google for the UK. (This script needs to be used in conjunction with the [WWW]Geotag Script [WWW]More

  • [WWW]Flickr: GeoTag Flickr via Adds an "Add Geotags" link to photo pages, that helps you to add the latitude and longitude coordinate tags, so the image will be searchable by location on the site. This version of the script uses to get the coordinate data as that site has better worldwide map coverage than google at present. (This script needs to be used in conjunction with the [WWW]Geotag MultiMap Script [WWW]More

  • [WWW]Flickr: GeoTag Flickr via Google Earth Adds an "Add Geotags" link to photo pages and batch pages, enabling you to add GeoTags to your images. [WWW]More