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"Flickr Funny Pic of the Day" - silly

silly, originally uploaded by spiggycat.

What Adams Saw Through His Lens

“I’ve had people say they are kind of disappointed,” says Glenn Crosby, the curator of the Ansel Adams Gallery. “They only know the park through Ansel’s eyes, and he was only showing you the keepers. The park is not always as dramatic as his work.”..Full story Here.

TIPA Photography Award Winners Announced: Nikon Goes Away Happy

The Technical Image Press Association (TIPA) has announced to results of the annual camera Oscars. The European awards are coveted by manufacturers, mostly because they get to stick the TIPA logo on the camera box and thereby shift more units...Check it out

Blog of kaiyen - Be a Better Photographer series

Check out the series.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

UV, Haze & Skylight filters by J. Ramón Palacios


When we buy a lens it is with a purpose in mind, with expectations and with some effort. Surely we want to protect it from dust, dirt, moisture, fingerprints, scratches and even from a fall.

From my own personal perspective, the best way to give our lens that protection -in addition to care- is to place a good multicoated filter and a hood on it and leave them both there at all times, except when using an also multi-coated polarizer.

Some Nikonians don't share this point of view; even react violently to the proposition, however with a valid reason: the introduction of more glass surfaces attracts flare. But you can always take off when necessary....Full Article Here

Metering Modes

Exposure Compensation often makes metering more complex than it need be.

The three metering modes offered on modern cameras are,
- center-weighted,
- evaluative / matrix metering,
- spot-metering.

In a broad sense, the choice of metering is often linked to which exposure metering mode you’re using. Essentially, the sophistication of matrix metering is ideal for when you’re relying on an automatic metering mode, whereas spot-metering is a metering mode which is used with more thought and specific intent - which most often implies manual exposure metering. (That said, I use manual metering mode nearly exlcusively, and switch between any of the three metering choices dependent on the situation.)...Full Article Here

Nikon's Nikkor 50mm f/1.8 standard lens.

Nikkor 50mm f/1.4 and Nikkor 50mm f/1.8 Ai-spec lenses
In-Depth Article on lenss ...Here

the Nikkor 50mm 1.8 group icon Nikkor 50mm 1.8 Group

the Nikon 50mm group icon Nikon 50mm Group

the No metering lenses on Nikon DSLRs group icon No metering lenses on Nikon DSLRs

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Unlock The Superslave in Your Nikon SB-800

Money being no object, I think the Nikon SB-800 is the best speedlight on the planet. It should be, for the $300.00+ price tag. But money is usually an object, and what you have to consider is whether an SB-800 is worth, say, three SB-26's.

But if you already have an SB-800 (I have a couple) there is no reason you should not squeeze every penny of value out of it that you can...Full Story...Here

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Funny Clip

"Flickr Funny Pic of the Day" Carnival Maastricht 2007

Carnival Maastricht 2007, originally uploaded by butch499100.

Make your own Gorilla Pod

introMake your own Gorilla Pod
The title says it all. If your unfamiliar with gorilla pods, they are tripods made with bendable coolant hose also known as segmented hose. They cost $22 to $55 to buy, but you can make your own for only a few dollars worth of parts. Lets get started.

Innocent photographer or terrorist? from BBC News

Misplaced fears about terror, privacy and child protection are preventing amateur photographers from enjoying their hobby, say campaigners..Story Here

Pixel-Peeper - Sample images, reviews, used, new & historical prices, specifications

Pixel-Peeper - Sample images, reviews, used, new & historical prices, specifications...Here

Nikon Speed Of Light - Part 1/3

For Parts 2 & 3 Go...Here

Protect your images using Online Watermarking Tool

Most of us know how images can be used or abused once they are posted online. Be it images on your personal site or on hosting services like Flickr, it is very important to credit and watermark them to prevent any misuse...Learn about it...Here

Monday, April 21, 2008

"Flickr Funny Pic of the Day" - They'll let anyone drive out here

D40 "Photostream of the Week" - digitalgopher's

Visit his Photostream....Here

Nikon / Nikkor (APS-C) Lens Tests from Photozone

Lens Reviews - Nikon / Nikkor (APS-C) Here

$6000 Dollar Fine - Whose Business Is It

The New Mexico Human Rights Commission is fining a husband-wife team of Christian photographers $6000 dollars for refusing to photograph a lesbian commitment ceremony.....Full Article Here

Cleaning your Sensor by Thom Hogan

It happens to all of us: eventually you'll find an image that, on close inspection, seems to have gotten the freckles (see example, below). No, you don't have bad photosites on your CCD, you have dust on the filter that sits over the sensor....Full Article Here

CF/SD Performance Database

The CF/SD Performance Database is a regularly-updated compilation of write and read speed test results designed to aid the serious and professional photographer in selecting camera storage media for a Canon or Nikon digital SLR....Here

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Lenses and Hardware Reviews from Momentcorp

Hardware Resource Here

Photographing Wild Water: Capturing The Essence and Beauty of Flowing Water

Streams, waterfalls, cascades, and rivers are some of the most captivating and often-photographed subjects in nature. Creating powerful and interesting compositions of water is one of the most challenging, yet rewarding of photographic pursuits.

Flowing water is not only one of the most beautiful elements of nature but also the most common and accessible subjects for most photographers. The following suggestions will help you to express your creative mind’s eye when shooting all forms of water...Read Full Article Here

Lens Test: Sigma 18-200mm f/3.5-6.3 DC OS AF

The optical image stabilizer is just one of the reasons to love this new zoom for Canon, Nikon and Sigma DSLRs.

September 2007

Sigma's long-awaited, second Optical Stabilizer (OS) lens ($549, street) is an 11.1X digital-only superzoom with one SLD and three aspheric elements. A 29-320mm equivalent, it follows Sigma's first OS lens, an 80-400mm f/4.5-5.6 ($999, street), by more than four years, and outdoes its predecessor with a sophisticated new autopanning sensor that detects extended lateral movement, then engages only the vertical stabilizer to allow blur where you want it...Full Review Here

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"Flickr Funny Pic of the Day" - Hungry Squirrel

Hungry Squirrel, originally uploaded by [Raphy].

Online Camera to learn the Basics with

Camera by Craig Hickman... Here

List of photography podcasts

Hear them...Here

Pano-Guide Website

Resources on Panoramic shots....Here

$1 Image Stabilizer For Any Camera - Lose The Tripod

$1 Image Stabilizer For Any Camera - Lose The Tripod - More amazing videos are a click away

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16 awesome Aviary tutorials

One of the most fantastic things about building a suite of tools around a community, instead of the other way around, is that users are always willing to pitch in and help out others with tutorials and forum assistance. It's our plan to build our applications with a very deep set of community tools, built around forums, wiki-documentation, chat, user-made tutorials and sharable workspaces....Tutorials Here

PopPhoto.com another good info site

Find it... Here

American Photo Editor's Choice 2007: Imaging Software

Nondestructive editing is the buzz phrase in the big world of imaging software. Adobe's Photoshop Lightroom joins a new generation of programs that make it possible, from Apple's Aperture 1.5 to last year's Nikon Capture NX. Edit without fear....Full Selections..Here

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

"Flicker Funny Pic of the Day" - Ally Ooop!

The Amazing Street Photography of Matt Stuart

Matt Stuart must have the patience of a saint. He shoots photos from perspectives which create an illusion of objects and situations that don’t exist in reality, and he does it by waiting for just the right shot to come into view...See his works...Here

Nikon Watch - Helping you figure out WTF Nikon’s doing… Shipping Everything!

All the Nikon happenings...Here

The World's Most Extreme Photography Equipment

There are several categories of camera gear available: there's the sensible, the desirable and then there's the stuff that you'd never even imagined. Here's a selection of equipment that most definitely belongs in the latter category...Here

Sensor Klear, by Lens Pen

Sensor Klear, by Lens Pen

SensorKlear uses the LensPen brush and the patented cleaning compound to safely and effectively clean the sensors on digital cameras. The product is environmentally friendly and the compound will not spill or dry out...Read More Here

I hope to find this locally and try it out myself.. Will give my impressions when I have them.

Interactive eBook over 1000 Pages!

There is more in your camera than you thought. We have a 1000-page interactive eBook that shows you its hidden talents.

DSLR: Nikon D40/D40x eBook on CD. 1013 pages. Quick viewing and ultra detailed 400% DotFree viewing is supported. Full color booklet Shooting for FX. Two volumes. Includes 210-page RAW Materials for Nikon NEF-format images by Uwe Steinmueller. Includes over 660 original iNovaFX Photoshop Actions customized to D40 and D40x images.

Interactive Appendix with hyperlinks to the Internet. Interactive Index with hyperlinks to pages. Adobe Reader 8 included for Windows, Vista, Mac and MacIntel platforms. Apple QuickTime 7+ required for embedded movie displays. Free download from apple.com.

Pages may be printed out for reference on laser or ink-jet printers. Demo and Trial software for Windows and Mac includes Nikon Capture NX 30-day Trial, PhotoRescue 3 working image recovery demo, PhotoZoom Pro image up-rezzing demo, 20/20 MD image manipulation demo, Panorama Tools full program, and much more. $49.95US....More Info Here

If you order it mention this blog. Who knows I might snatch one for Free?

A book roundup of 2007

As we approach the end of 2007 we wanted to ask some of the leading figures in the Photoshop community which books they had found most inspiring and in the case of authors, which books they had written were they most proud of. We got some interesting and quite varied responses. So if you are still stuck for ideas about what to get a Photoshop geek for Christmas, here are some reading tips from the experts....Here

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Sorry for the delays to New Posts.

Update: I is Back! and thank All for their Kind words and concerns.

I have been having problems with my health again and have been sick...

I should resume soon in another day or two..
Sorry I left you hanging...

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"Flickr Funny Pic of the Day" - Two buddies have snacks and

Sunset Photography : How To Photograph Sunsets

The following article was contributed by Roie Galitz, from http://www.galitz.co.il.

This Tutorial will deal with sunset photography, and will cover the following subjects:

  • Why Sunsets?
  • Guiding Rules
  • Light Metering
  • Lenses
  • Weather
  • silhouettes
  • Focus
  • Aperture
  • White Balance
  • Long Exposures
  • Composition
  • Post Processing
  • Warning
  • Summery
  • Credits and thanks
Full HowTo Here

Manfrotto Tripod and Head Chooser

interactive: maximum attention has been given to the user interface. Easy to use and very intuitive, it will be able to guide you through our catalogue according to your needs, and at the same time to teach you a bit more about the world of Manfrotto photo camera support systems...Get Started Here

Make ScreenSaver from personal pics or Flickr photos without installing any software

Making a screensaver without installing any software? Yes, that is what online tool ‘instaSaver’ intends to do.

It is easy, quick and very effective for making screensavers instantaneously.

You can make screensaver from your personal or favorites images. Besides you can also get your Flickr photos to be part of your screensaver....Here

Nikon Lens Hood Chart (Click on Pic)

Migrate or back up your photos to another online service with Migratr

Windows only: Freeware application Migratr moves your digital photos from one photo sharing service to another, metadata and all. We're pretty into Flickr here at Lifehacker HQ, but Flickr's free account only serves up 100MB of storage space, so we can understand if, for example, you want to move to the 1GB pastures of an integrated Google service like Picasa Web Albums. But since no one wants to lose all the metadata they've plugged into another site, Migratr preserves all of this when you migrate your pics. Migratr supports importing and exporting to and from Flickr, 23HQ, Zoomr, SmugMug, and Picasa; it preserves each photo's title, description, tags, and albums. Migratr is freeware, Windows only....Here

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"Flickr Funny Pic of the Day" - Poolparty Pooper

Poolparty Pooper, originally uploaded by cookie1234.

Resources from Megapixel.net

Camera Basics

New to digital photography? This group of articles explain the most important features of cameras, and their value.

Photography tips

A collection of articles about how some camera functions affect photos, and some suggestions on how to improve your shots.


Reviews of photo printers, and equipment peripheral to digital photography; and a look at a few unusual digital cameras....Check them out Here