Friday, May 16, 2008

HDR Tutorial - New and Improved for 2008!

I hope this tutorial describing my evolving HDR techniques proves useful to you! I receive a lot of emails from people who stumble across my photography asking how I do this. Rather than sending a super-long response, I made this little tutorial because I was feeling particularly open-source one day. I keep this blog and try to post one interesting picture per day. About 75% of my work is HDR, so if you hang out on, I’ll do my best to keep fresh images for you to see every day!

Also, many of you come here JUST to swipe my Photomatix Coupon Code - it is “StuckInCustoms” and here is the discount link. The nice people there were nice enough to give my fans a discount code, so I am happy to share it since I believe in their product.

Okay let’s get started!...Here

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