Friday, May 16, 2008

Saving money while using legendary lenses

For those wishing to save a little money by purchasing used Nikkor lenses, this is a great time to buy. It's especially true for those preferring to use Nikon Manual Focus (MF) 35mm bodies.

The introduction of newer Autofocus (AF) designs has driven down the price of their predecessors, creating remarkable value in some cases. Even those using AF bodies can find some great bargains out there in lenses that are one or two generations back.

Here are some thoughts on what I perceive to be some of the better values out there right now. These are all lenses that I have some personal experience with, so it's not just an academic discussion.

If a lens is absent from the list, it doesn't mean it isn't good; it just means that its cost to performance ratio isn't quite as good (or it means I forgot to include it)...Article...Here

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