Monday, May 19, 2008

Nature Photography 101 Index

Photographic Technique

The Lowly Lens Hood by Rod Barbee

Leveling and Sharpening a Reflection Image by Bob Steele

Perch Improvement by Bob Steele. A simple way to improve your bird photos.

Backyard Bird Photography by Garth McElroy

Photoshop Keyboard Shortcuts by Michael Gordon

10 Practical uses for the Depth of Field Preview Button by Rod Barbee

Camera Equipment Reviews Read what NPN members have to say about the photo gear they use.

Exposure and Metering

Controlling Background with a Combination of Exposure and Flash by Bob Steele.

Shoot it RAW by Nick Rains. An explanation of digital-capture RAW files and the benefits of working with them.

Exposure - From One Beginner to Another by Nathan Buck. A look at some fundamentals


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