Monday, June 23, 2008

Resources for Nikon's SB-800 Speedlight

  • Nikon's full color booklet showing various SB-800 portrait setups. (Download and save this file - Nikon could take it away at any time.) Nikon's SB-800 Collection of Sample Photos (PDF)

  • Nikon's SB-800 Instruction Manual. I hated this book at first-- and it took me a long time to actually make sense out of it. It is so laced with acronyms and product codes that it is not very approachable at all. I downloaded the PDF version of the manual and printed it on letter sized paper and put it in a binder. That helped.

  • Nikon SB-800 knowledgebase

  • Nikon School Guide to Creative Lighting. This is a 58 page booklet that has some interesting things... including some details on Joe McNally's shot for National Geographic that utilized 18 SB-800s! I got my copy free by attending Nikon School.

  • Joe McNally's The Speed of Light This is an excellent DVD. I saw one review of it that dismissed it as a marketing piece for Nikon -- I couldn't disagree more. It's very high level -- you won't get into the technical nitty gritty here. It's about vision -- visioning what you can do with the system by traveling light and working fast. In one section he stares right at the camera and says that you have to read the manual -- and that he always carries it with him in his bag. My take is that this DVD is for people like me that need a broad understanding to give context to the minutiae. The details without context are next to impossible to learn well without that. (It's also fun to watch a master at work!)

  • Nikon Imaging's See What Speedlights Can Do. Looks like a new promotional flash presentation -- and some clever how-to virtual setups to demonstrate light ratios.

  • Nikon's SB-800 sales flyer....Full List...Here

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