Tuesday, June 3, 2008

CD-R/DVD-R Reliability for backing up Images

Today, a lot of users comment about the optical discs that cannot be read either just after writing or after a few months or years (much less than anticipated). So, it is a very legitimate question to ask what really is the reliability of the CD-R or DVD-R media.

CD/DVD Reliability

VIDEO MEDIA GUIDES -> Blank media quality guide & FAQ

I found through extensive testing that the Verbatim 16x +R are the most reliable.

And have experienced problems of retrieving data from Office Depot,Sony,TDK,Maxell's,Memorex less than a year with varying degree's of (weeds) crc read errors.

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Serg said...

I am using Verbatim 16x dvd+r to backup my important files. I thought it reliable too. DVD backups are stored in safe place, protected from sun light. Some DVD's became unreadable after a year since burning. I think the problem is the birning speed. I burned my backups on 16x speed, and now I'll try to burn on 4x.