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Flickr Group Spotlight - DoF group

About DoF

DoF group's current featured pool submission:
(As of 22nd August 2007)

bubbling over

Depth of Field - For the Technical and Artistic.


- Don't necessarily have to be a very shallow depth of field, but there must be a clear focus point, and a clear field of de-focus.

- Photos where everything is clearly in focus won't be allowed: this is a group to showcase the use and control of Depth of Field to acheive a particular result.

- No "faked" depth of field please! (i.e. the depth of field must be an entirely natural consequence of the aperture and not created or altered [exaggerated] in photoshop) Absolutely NO HDR.

- No photo compositions - single photos better portray good DoF.

-No large borders/added text titles. - these distract the eye from the DoF in the photo. It also makes the photo far less discernible at the small size in the pool. The pool is therefore supposed to be a good representation of DoF.

-No group spamming/ Pool dumping - this is defined by any one photo being added to more than 20 groups. This is especially important if your photo does not meet any other requirements of the group; in this case you will be removed without warning.
We like the DoF pool to be somewhat unique on flickr.

- Lets try and keep the super close flower macros to a minimum! They have their place in DoF but with all super close macros there will be a very shallow DoF and there are lots and lots of groups for Flower Macros out there.

- ONE PHOTO A DAY. No spamming please.

- Showcase your cleverness - do you feel particularly *smrt* that you decided to focus on one aspect of a scene and ignore the rest?


- Your techniques: how do you like to get the results you do?
- Nerdiness encouraged! Any mathematical formulae, equations or calculators pertaining to Depth of Field or Focal length ratios?
- The merits of Depth of Field in art.
- Everything related to Depth of Field, Aperture and Focal length.

Have fun! Don't forget - nerds and artists can co-exist here!

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