Tuesday, July 22, 2008

SensorKlear works…

So what are the available DIY solutions for DSLR sensor cleaning?

  • Blower
    Done that. This is what I usually do for sensor cleaning. This time it failed me.

  • Eclipse and PecPad
    Expensive, but usually give the best result among other solution. Also seems to be one of the most difficult technique. Some model (like Canon D5) require different cleaning agent, since there are reports that Eclipse can cause irrecoverable damage to the coating layer on the low pass filter.

  • Arctic Butterfly
    Easy to deploy, but very expensive. There are reports this method can cause slight damage to sensor. Spinning brush may also touch shutter grease, and can make the sensor even dirtier. Success rate are moderately high.

  • Static charged brush
    Cheap, and seems to be very difficult to do. And just like any other method with brush, you need not to touch the sensor. Beside where can I find such brush in such a short time?

  • SpecGrab
    Fairly easy method. But you need to be able to locate the dust for this method to be effective, since you can not “grab” the dust if you don’t know where it is. You need some tool like sensor loup, which is.. expensive

  • Pentax Sensor Cleaning Tool
    Not available anywhere I look. And I don’t even know how it looks, how it work, etc

  • SensorKlear
    Made by the same company that gives you LensPen. Actually it’s just a LensPen with head specially shaped for sensor cleaning. There are rumors that canon actually use the original LensPen to clean sensor. Just like using PecPad, this method require you to actually touch the sensor. Some argue, that since the LensPen is save enough for optic lens, it should be good enough for the glass that cover DLSR sensor. But using the SensorKlear require you to actually touch the sensor, and potentially damaging it. But from what I’ve read this method has moderate level of success, and quite save.
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Anonymous said...

Eclipse is no longer considered unsafe on the D5, or other ITO sensors. It is safe for all camera sensors and is covered by the PSI "No Damage" Guarantee. No other sensor cleaning product manufacturer makes a similar guarantee.

David M. Stone, President