Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Tools for Flickr

Associatr Browse related tags on flickr
Background Switcher Background image to flickr photo
Bubblr Create comic strips using photos from flickr.
cloudTagFlickr Pulls and arranges tags from flickr
Daily Zeitgeist Shows recent photos
Dhtml Badge Pure Javascript for implementation
Delivr Create a unique custom postcard
EgoWalk See where contacts live in the USA

FAlbum Wordpress plugin to display Flickr photos
Flickr Backup Java utility
FlickrDown Download photos
Fastr Game to guess the tag before others
FlickrFly Script links from comment to location in Google Earth
Findr Find photos by browsing and refining related tags
Flickrball A six-degrees-of-separation game
FlickrFavs Download the original size
FlickrExport Plugin for iPhoto 4
Flickr Filesystem Create a virtual userspace file system

Many More...Here

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