Friday, July 11, 2008

Artic Butterfly from Digital Outback Photo

To be very clear we hate dust on sensors and even more to clean the sensors. Here is our brief history about dust on sensors. The old favorite (if we ever had one :-) ) method was cleaning the sensor with sensor swabs and some special fluids.

Then a few years ago VisibleDust presented their first Sensor Brush. We had one of the first reviews by Rick Decker on our site. While the sensor brush seemed to work fine there were some inconveniences to overcome:

  • you need canned air (not so good on flights)

The canned air was needed to charge the bristles. Later VisibleDust invented the Arctic Butterfly where the fast rotation of the brush were helping to charge the bristles. Also these brushes seemed to work fine but some users felt a bit uncomfortable with the placement of the on/off switch (could be accidentally be hit during cleaning on the sensor).

The new Arctic Butterfly 724 is a way more refined design..Full Article - Here

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