Friday, August 22, 2008


Understanding Aspect Ratios and the Art of Cropping – squares or rectangles, the choice is yours
Understanding Soft Proofing – using your profiled monitor and printer to really see what you're going to get
Understanding Printer Colour Management — the proper settings for using profiles
Understanding Raw Files — whether to choose to shoot in raw or JPG format, and why
Understanding Contrast Masking — a simple Photoshop technique for opening shadow areas and reducing contrast
Understanding Digital USM — what is the Unsharp Mask and what does it do?
Understanding Histograms — how to read the digital camera's most useful exposure evaluation tool
Understanding MTF Charts — what is MTF, and how to read lens charts
Understanding Digital Sensor Cleaning — the why, how and tools required
Understanding Digital Workflow — suggested steps and settings to use when working with a digital SLR
Understanding Mirror Lock-Up — the simplest technique for creating vibration-free sharp images
Understanding Medium Format — a primer on the jargon, and the equipment available
Understanding Depth of Field — a tutorial, including Hyperfocal Distance and the Circle of Confusion
Understanding Polarizers — a tutorial on how to use the most important filter for colour photography
Understanding Lens Contrast — an in-depth tutorial by Mike Johnston
Understanding Bit Depth — a tutorial on hi-bit images and when and why to use them
Understanding Sharpness — a tutorial on resolution and acutance
Understanding Resolution — explores the basics of digital Input and Output
Understanding Camera Movements — the ins and outs of tilts and shifts
Understanding Colour Theory — academic colour theory applied to landscape photography
Understanding the DSLR Magnification Factor — what it is, how it works, benefits and drawbacks
Understanding ProPhoto RGB – are you throwing away much of the colour gamut your DSLR is capable of?
Understanding Lens Diffraction – does stopping down a lens make it sharper, or not?
Understanding Exposure — the world's 10 stop range. Why it's so tough and how to handle it

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