Sunday, August 31, 2008

Archiving Images - Approaches to Storage & Retrieval

Everyone has their own approach to image storage and retrieval. Today's 6MP digital cameras produce 18MB RAW files, and at about 30 Megabytes for each scanned 35mm frame even the largest built-in hard disk fills up quickly.

How to store, index and safely archive all of these files? There are a number of conflicting issues, including cost, convenience and speed of retrieval, and finally, security. What to do?

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Anonymous said...

This is a useful blog. However, it is very difficult to tell what material you have created yourself vs. material that is "borrowed" from other authors. I think that if you borrow even a small amount of text, you should use quote marks and list the real author's name and contact information in-line with the quote.

Anonymous said...

what a USELESS post. Clearly an author (?) didn't checked the date of the original article - it's 6 year old!