Monday, February 9, 2009

Looking Good in Pictures Video Series

Look Good in Pictures is a unique new series starring style guru and television personality, Carson Kressley.

Carson shares entertaining and helpful insights and will give real practical advice on how to embrace photogenic qualities in a variety of everyday situations such as vacations, holidays, nights out on the town and weddings.

Check it out Here

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-= Funk =- said...

Hehe, this is a good link, it's got lots of basic tips that when put together piece-by-piece, can really make your pics pop like a professional's - no matter if you have a Point & Shoot or DSLR. Carson is also quite entertaining and you can learn a thing or two on how to relate to your subject and put them at ease.

Great link! I'll be sending this to friends who like to take pics (ala' Facebook and Myspace).