Wednesday, October 8, 2008

How To Use A Polarizing Filter

Of all the filters available, a polarizing filter is the first one you should buy to improve your landscape photography.

So What Does It Do?

First of all it can darken blue skies turning them a deep, rich blue. Polarizing filters are also great for removing reflections in water. So if you're shooting a river scene and you want to see detail in the water or on the river bottom, a polarizer will reduce the reflections. They're also good with foliage, making leaves and such less shiny (again, cutting down on reflections). Color saturation is enhanced with almost any subject. No other filter can provide this.

The polarizing filter one thing and one thing well - it removes reflections from non-metallic surfaces...Full Article Here.

An FAQ on polarizers

Andorama's take on them



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